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1) How to buy MOLTY tokens?

Ans: Send ether to wallet address 0x6b730f4d92e236d0ec22b2baff26873f297d7e67, we will send you MOLTY token to your wallet

Please note each MOLTY token is $0.50 USD

2) How to play OLTY lottery?

Ans: - First create account and log-on to your account

- Navigate to "Play"

- Click on "OLTY 6 Number LOTTO" tile

- Generate lottery numbers by clicking "Auto" button on the left side or you can choose your numbers manually by clicking number pad

- You can clear numbers at any time by clicking "Clear" button

- If you are happy with chosen numbers, please click "add" button. You can add up to 3 tickets at any given time

- Click "Buy" button after adding lottery tickets, which will prompt Metamask for payment

3) What are system requirements to play OLTY lottery?

Ans: Need google chrome with metamask extension to buy OLTY lottery tickets

4) How to delete already added tickets before buy?

Ans: Delete by clicking "Remove" button

5) How to view winning numbers?

Ans: Click "Winning#" button to view winning numbers so far

6) How to view my lottery numbers?

Ans: Click "Bought#" button to view already bought numbers so far

7) How much is each lottery number cost?

Ans: Each lottery ticket costs 0.002 ETH

8) What other information should I know before I play?

Ans: You will see total jackpot amount in Ether and total tickets amount while you are buying tickets

in the middle of the page

9) Any introductory promotions?

Ans: Introductory promotion offer is 80% of total collected amount will be paid to winner

10) Who all can play this lottery?

Ans: OLTY is world wide on-line lottery and who has access to computer can play

11) How much charity does OLTY planning to do?

Ans: OLTY is committed to donate charities about 5% of the total amount collected towards lotteries

12) What products OLTY thinking to launch in the near future?

Ans: OLTY is planning to deploy full suite of gambling products apart from lottery. Please look for announcements regarding new products

13) I am not seeing jackpot amount when I log on to OLTY?

Ans: Please check you have Metamask chrome extension installed, which is essential to function website correctly

14) When I click "Buy" button nothing is happening?

Ans: Please check you have Metamask chrome extension installed and logged on to before click "Buy" button

15) Are you planning to release mobile application?

Ans: Yes, we are planning to release mobile application some time 2019. Please look for announcements